In an August 6 blog post, Element Advertising invited you inside the inception of the new 2015 campaign for North American Roofing (NAR). We shared how the mood boards were created, what went into the chosen direction, and a teaser for the new look. We named the new direction, “‘Minority Report’ Meets Commercial Roofing.”

While that description isn’t exactly catchy, it’s at least fairly accurate.

Since then, we’ve been busy. Very. Our client presented us with 10 initiatives they wanted to focus on in 2015. So we’ve had plenty to do to get ready for next year.

With each of these initiatives, we set out to communicate what we learned in our stakeholder interviews: the relationships North American Roofing creates with their clients are what sets them apart. Additionally, the technical knowledge their experts possess, combined with an empathy for their clients’ needs, makes North American Roofing the ideal long-term business partner.

From thumbnail sketches to dynamic photography.

When we set out to communicate an idea, we like to sharpen the pencils, break out the white boards, and let the ideas flow. Once we were finished with all of our conceptual exploration, we sat down with North American Roofing to present. This new style shows NAR’s clients’ fears and needs. But it also shows NAR’s roofing experts’ trained eyes and insightful perspectives. To demonstrate all those aspects, as well as tout new product and service innovations, we needed great photography, illustration, and infographics combined into one execution across a larger campaign. The copy that was used is both technical as well as emotional, but takes a backseat to the look and feel so important in this campaign.

We chose local photographer Mike Belleme to execute our vision.

The work is highly focused on B-2-B targets, so you can be excused if the copy and executions don’t speak directly to you. Unless you’re a project manager, building owner, or of a similar ilk, this campaign may not trigger your emotional response. But we hope, after looking at the following, that you might see some of our process unfold, and the level of care we’ve taken to try to get this right on behalf of a fantastic client.

Here, you can see a couple of sketches turned to reality, before we add the illustration and copy layers.


Initiative: Re-roofing


newroof_photoInitiative: Technology




And here, you can see some final executions.







We hope you enjoyed a peek behind the curtain. Contact us to take your brand to exciting new places.

By Matt Levin

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